pharmacyPharmacy Apprenticeship Education in Western Australia


by Bruce Sutherland

ISBN 978-0-85905-828-5, (New, 2020), 160 x 240, illustrated, 80 pages, 230 grams, $30.00*

This book describes the background to the commencement of pharmacy and its statutory recognition in Western Australia. It particularly focusses on the history of pharmacy education. This was a special arrangement which commenced in 1903 between the pharmacy profession and Perth Technical College. Pharmacy education was embodied within the Department of Chemistry at Perth Technical College. It traces the factors that influenced the nature of the education and responsibility for the practitioners that qualified from the only course available to the public in Western Australia. The role of apprenticeship education is debated and how it affected pharmacy education in Western Australia, until the course closure in 1968. 

It is essential reading for all involved in both higher education in Australia, and specifically those who have trained in Pharmacy.