poona_coverPoona W.A. and the seekers of its emeralds

by Alex Palmer

ISBN 978-0-85905-465-2, (2010 RN), 146pp, illust, Soft Cover, 200grams

$26.00 + POST

Ever since the discovery of emeralds in 1912 by Harry Ryan, Poona and its emeralds has exercised the imagination of prospectors, miners, and collectors. The brilliant green emeralds in the black green biotite schist have fascinated everyone from princes to prospectors

Poona is NW of Cue, Western Australia, near the Weld Range, and is at present abandoned, though still under lease.

The history of the ups and downs, both physical and financial, of this lonely mine and the details of the characters who have mined the ground and mixed it in the Warden’s Court, are fascinating reading.

In this new edition Alex Palmer brings the Poona odyssey up to date to 2009.

New expanded edition.