savagery_swan_river_settlemSavagery on the Swan River Settlement:

The aboriginal murder cycle and the 1839 killing of Sarah Cook

Collected and edited by Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-246-7, (New 2010), A4, 36pp, 135grams

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This report draws on material that has been suppressed or has been ‘disappeared’.

Savagery on the Swan River Settlement has two primary threads.

That the government and media of 1839 suppressed the publication of the true facts of several vicious murders of Europeans to protect the native tribes from the retaliation of concerned settlers.

That a century later social manipulators and thieving academics stole the suppressed documents to side step the fallout that would come from the exposure of ongoing Aboriginal criminality.

It also demonstrates that the police force in WA originated to protect settlers against the depredations of the natives. The murders of Sarah and Mary Cook were the catalyst for this.

The work of the assiduous investigator of Australian history, Walter Campbell Charnley, 1882-1966, has almost been forgotten. The serendipitous acquisition of his research and publications revealed a new dimension to the most significant early colonial murders, that of Sarah Cook and her child in 1839.

Years of reading the archival documents and old newspapers had not given any idea that she had been gang-raped, both before and after her vicious spearing. Research fuelled by the finding of Charnley’s papers has led to the discovery of the criminal abstraction of Supreme Court and archival files in an attempt to rewrite the knowledge and social implications of the vicious gang rape and murders by aboriginals of a white woman and child. This paper, first published in 1948 in the Sydney based, Famous Detective Stories, has not been indexed in any Australian library or bibliography, and so was not known to the history thieves. Now, 170 years later, the ghosts of Sarah Cook and her child arise through the medium of the writings of the last honest historian of Australia, to condemn both her murderers and the killers of true history. 

In these times of cultural reversals, where criminals are lauded by debased portions of the ‘intellectual’ mafia, we must rediscover the true  past, for in these traditions is the guide to the only acceptable future.

NB. A bibliography of W.C. Charnley’s publications will be published in 2011.