s_s_cattle_coverSand and Stone – Cattle and Conflict

by Kevin Moran

ISBN 978-0- 85905-449-2, (2010, new), illust., A4, 436pp, 2Vols, 1.2kg

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NB. This book is in two parts, of 232 and 204 pages respectively. The parts will not be sold separately. Matching numbers are printed and there will not be any extras available for replacements if a volume is loaned and lost

Sand and Stone continues to chronicle the story of the violent hidden history of Western Australia’s Kimberley Region in this two part volume ‘Cattle and Conflict’.

The settlers faced a battle for their survival and the very existence of the pastoral industry was threatened by the unfettered cattle killing of Aborigines.

The pioneer police of this perilous and beautiful region were called upon to stem the slaughter and bring the stock killers to justice.

It is a violent story of two cultures so far apart from understanding the other that naught else could result except violent conflict.

The story is played out against the background of Pigeon and his gang of murderers.

The settlers continued to work and live in fear, as the small pioneer Kimberley Police Force on the furthest frontier of Australia, fought the dangerous cattle killers in their own country.

These Kimberley policemen were a remarkable group of bushmen, educated, brave, and tenacious in pursuit until the stock slaughter was curtailed and murderers killed or captured.