thro_the_nor_west_on_a_saddThrough the Nor’-West on a Side Saddle.

by Daisy M. Bates.

ISBN 978-0-85905-967-1, (R1902, 2022), A4, 38 pages, indexed, 140 grams $25.00*

We found that the version we published several years ago was but an abbreviated description of Daisy Bates’ 1902 droving trip from Broome to the Opthalmia Range. Now the full version is found and published. This is a vibrant record of a major droving foray with the only thing missing being the swear words or their equivalent from dealing with fools and poor facilities. Times change, and while the idiot brigade will decry her choice of terms for the native assistants, their providential and effective help may have started her interest in their life and stories.