a_tale_of_the_goldfieldsA Tale of the goldfields. The Afghan Curse. (The joys of multiculturalism.)

by James H. O’Brehoun.

ISBN 978-0-85905-968-8, (1930s R 2022), A4, 24 pages, 110 grams $22.00*

The criminal abduction of 14 years old Charlotte Grigo by an Afghan camel jockey in 1895 created a great uproar on the Coolgardie goldfields. This is the now unknown story of the Grigo family before they came to WA. The abduction and statutory rape of the child led to a series of murders and was one of the incidents which led to the great nationalist awakening and the Restricted Immigration Policy of Federation. It is story which should be remembered as such attacks are being normalised  and approved by the utterly degenerate political class.