they_kept_this_state_afloatThey Kept This State Afloat

Shipbuilders, Boatbuilders and Shipwrights of Western Australia


by Rod Dickson

ISBN 0 85905 214 1, (1998 new), Hard Cover, 158mm x 238mm, 344pp, illustrated, 640grams

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This history of the shipbuilders, boatbuilders and shipwrights of Western Australia from 1892 to 1929 presents personal and business details on over 300 artisans and their myriad of vessels.  Over 200 photographs, letters and documents illustrate their endeavours.


Rod Dickson went to sea at 15 years of age and "has been there ever since". An honorary Associate of the Fremantle Maritime Museum, he has been cataloging the State's maritime heritage, producing many reports and papers on maritime history. Currently he serves aboard the North West Storm Petrel, a LNG tanker trading with Japan.