to_the_bar_bondedTo The Bar Bonded

by Kath Mallett

ISBN 0 85905 178 1, 1992 new), Hard Cover, 145mm x 222mm, 330pp, illustrated, 550grams

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A fascinating look at this quintessential Western Australian outback town from its beginnings.

Kath Mallett's historical research and memoirs, much of which was literally hand-written on the back of jam tin labels are recorded here as a tribute to the little town she loved.

She was born on Limestone Springs Station Marble Bar on the 21 June 1909.  Kathleen and her twin sister Eileen are believed to be the first set of twins born in the Marble Bar district to survive. Their father, Thomas Mallett, had joined the original Pilbarra goldrush in the late 1880s and was operating as a teamster from Cossack to the isolated inland fields at the time of the Marble Bar find in May 1891. He soon made this small outback town his home and in 1900 consolidated his scattered house holdings and established the Limestone Springs property.

The author received her education at a convent boarding school and later a city business college before returning to the family property.

After her marriage to Arthur Pozzi in 1941, the nearby town of Marble Bar remained her home for over twenty years.

Kathleen Mallett died suddenly in 1983 and is survived by a son and daughter.