travel_with_lawbookTravels with a Lawbook

Memoirs of a Magistrate

by Ken ‘Lazarus’ Moore

ISBN 978 085 905 442 3, (2008 New), Soft cover, notch bound, A4, 384 pages, 1.1 kg

$50.00*+ POST

In this autobiography the author takes us on a roller-coaster journey from his birthplace in the Glens of Antrim to far distant places around the globe. Join him in the Royal Navy, where, like Nelson, he is sea-sick every day.

Laugh with him on his way to recovery in hospital, where he spends several months, twice. Walk with him as he is ‘suckered’ down a back alley where, as a copper in a tall helmet, he is king-hit between the eyes and sent reeling. Chuckle, as a trainee teacher, he tries to educate a class of boisterous students about the English civil war. See him attempt to rehabilitate a witch in a Nyasaland police station and nearly burns his face off. Sweat with him as he awaits the results of his law exams. Cheer as he slips into the Resident Magistrate’s chair in a Zambian Court. See his law book take him to the courts of Bermuda, Fiji, Seychelles, Tuvalu and, finally, sit with him in the stipendiary magistrate’s chair at Central Law Courts, Perth, Western Australia. If through it all you don’t laugh and cry send for the undertaker immediately, you’ve become a stiff.