through_pinifex_sandThrough Spinifex and Sand to the Last Desert Family

by William J. Peasley

ISBN 978-0-85905-590-1, (2015, New), A4, 100pp, well illustrated, indexed, 300 grams.

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Bill Peasley and his associates travelled to the Great Sandy Desert in 1976. They brought into civilisation the last of the ‘wild’ aboriginals who had, because of tribal laws, chosen to live a free life in the desert. This is the story of the expedition, the family, and earlier travels in that area.

A Foreword by Mark Chambers and Peter Bridge correlates the confusing nomenclature of the family used over the decades by the various expeditions that had encountered them. The family were to become the ‘Browns’ and Georgina (Dadina) Brown’s story has been told as Born in the Desert.