west_pilbara_cover_aThe West Pilbara

Sail and Teams to Bulk Carriers and Bitumen

by Doug Gordon

ISBN 978-0-85905-444-7, (2008 Reprint), 162pp, softcover, A4, illustrated, 410grams

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 Reprinted with index

Doug’s memoirs cover his families involvement in the early NW and Millstream Station. It is very well illustrated. Contains biographical sketches of N.W. characters such as Jack Edney An important book on the N.W.why none of his four children has embarked on the same course!

A new edition of this popular book, now indexed. The Gordon family were pioneers of the Pilbara. Covers the early history and the development of Millstream Station, together with Doug’s life at Wittenoom and many of the NW personalities.