maritime-matters-coverThe Western Australian Coastal History Series

by Rod Dickson

All are (2012, New), Soft Cover, A4. Sold only as the 7 vol set.

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With the Maritime Heritage Association of Western Australia as a set of 50 copies only. This series encompasses the Maritime History of the coastal regions of Western Australia from 1800 to 1900. It includes all known incidents and accidents along the coast and all the ships and boats that entered and left the various ports. The cargo carried by these vessels east and west and also north and south and the passengers carried in and out.

Maritime Matters of the South Coast of W.A.

Every known maritime incident from the Leeuwin to Eucla.

978-0-85905-520-8, 268pp. 720grams.

Maritime Matters of the South West Coast of W.A.

From Port Augusta to Bunbury.

978-0-85905-521-5, 66pp. 400grams.

Maritime Matters about the Mid-West Coast. 1800 to 1900.

Champion Bay, Abrolhos Islands, Port Irwin & Port Gregory.

978-0-85905-522-2, 424pp. 1090grams

Maritime Matters of Carnarvon and the Gascoyne District.

The Northern portion of Sharks Bay.

978-0-85905-523-9, 215pp. 590 grams.

Maritime Matters about Sharks Bay — Part A.

Southern area of Sharks Bay and the Pearling Industry 

978-0-85905-524-6, 282pp. 740grams.

Maritime Matters about Sharks Bay — Part B.

Southern area of Sharks Bay and the Pearling Industry

978-0-85905-525-3, 210pp. 570grams.

Maritime Matters about Cossack and the Northwest Pearling Areas.

From Exmouth Gulf to Roebuck Bay

978-0-85905-526-0, 233pp, 625grams.