wa_digger_cvrThe W.A. Digger Book

ISBN 978-0-85905-595-6, (1929, 2015), A4, 163 pages, illustrated, 430 grams.

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The W.A. Digger Book was published by the West Australian branch of the RSL in 1929, and expressed with picture and story the thoughts and experiences of the A.I.F. Over 160 A4 pages of reminiscence, story, verse, drawings and photographs, with a few contemporary supporting adverts from leading companies, make this a very interesting book. It contains forewords and articles by Monash, Chauvel, Hobbs, and Collett with contributions by Dryblower Murphy, Cyril Longmore, James Pollard, ‘Jean Dell’, and others writing under pen names familiar to readers of the Diggers Diary of the old Western Mail, which are a delight to read.