otp-resizedOver the Plates

Edited by Peter J. Bridge and Graeme Blake 

Each 45-53 pages, A4, ~170 grams each. Total weight 6 vols = 1kg, $25.00 each volume.

Panning Off. ISBN 978-0-85905-700-4., Weight Chasing. ISBN 978-0-85905-699-1., The Ore Bin. ISBN 978-0-85905-696-0., Retorted Gold. ISBN 978-0-85905-695-3., In the Sands. ISBN 978-0-85905-698-4., The Old State Battery. ISBN 978-0-85905-697-7.

Six volumes of the best true stories and reminiscences of the early goldfields from the 1890s to the 1930s.