cowalla_coast_coverA Story of the Cowalla Coast Run

1873 - 1964

by W. J. deBurgh

ISBN 0 85905 380 6, (2007 New), soft cover, 46pp, illustrated, 80 grams

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Born in 1912, WJ (Bill) de Burgh spent all his working life on his family's two Moore River properties, Cowalla and Baramba. Since 1976, Bill has dedicated his retirement years to the research and recording of Western Australian history, for which, together with his many years of service to local government, he was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australiain 2007.

From 1873 to 1964, a period of 91 years, the de Burgh family's holdings included a cattle run of several thousand acres between, and including, where the coastal towns of Ledge Point and Lancelin are now situated. This former cattle run, now proposed for a residential development by the present owner, forms the subject of this book.