a_premier_positionA Premier Position. Lady Margaret Elvire Forrest 1844-1929.

Chris Holyday.

ISBN 978-1-875778-09-6, A4, 41 pages, illustrated, indexed, 195 grams, $35.00*

As Margaret Elvire Hamersley, she was raised in the backblocks of Australian colonial life; as Lady Forrest, she died the widow of Australia's first Peer of the Realm. The story of her life may help to integrate Westralian and National history, as well as draw attention to the conspicuous lack of female portraits in Australian historiography. –     Frank Crowley. 

Lady Margaret Forrest occupied a unique position as the extremely capable wife of arguably one of the most powerful Premiers in Western Australia’s history and as one of very few individuals from whom John Forrest took counsel – indeed, she held a premier position.