a_dead_mans_dreamA Dead Mans Dream

Lasseter’s Reef Found

by Angie Testa and Bill Decarli

ISBN 0 85905 356 3, (2005 new), soft cover, 104 pp, illustrated, 145 grams

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Ever since Harold Lasseter died in 1931 in his pursuit of his infamous gold-bearing quartz reef, the location of this reef has remained a tantalising mystery. Over the years expeditions have combed the West of Alice Springs, finding no trace of it. While some claim it to be one of the great confidence tricks of the day, others steadfastly believe the legend. In 1991 Vietnam veteran Bill Decarli decided to reverse Lasseter’s map and look on the Eastern side of Alice Springs. He found the landmarks matching those described in Lasseter’s diary and a gold bearing quartz reef many kilometers long. This is his story.