The_Adventures_Louis_cvrThe Adventures of Louis De Rougemont

by himself

ISBN 978-0-85905-648-9, (1898 R 2016), A4, heavily illustrated, Facsimile, 180 pages, 502 grams

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Unleashed onto the unsuspecting world in London, 1898, the tale is of an adventurer wrecked in the Australian north and surviving the wilds with its cannibals and creatures. It confused the establishment for many decades with its faction. For the last century those fortunate enough to have read the book have laughed at how the dons of science fought with the equally preposterous tales of cynical Australian bushmen. He removed Ananias from his position of leading liar forever. His stories however still live on among the knowing and continue to strike strange chords among those attuned to old ways.