brumby_leake_cvr‘Brumby’ Leake

by Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-591-8, (2015, New), A4, 86pp, illustrated, 255grms.

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Brumby Leake was one of the great characters of the early Murchison-Gascoyne. His dalliances with the spinifex fairies and concern for the orphaned calves of other people cattle, together with an appreciation of the qualities of a stray horse, led to a certain mystique. This was heightened by the power of his enemies who almost invariably lost in the court cases which followed some of his exploits. The dreaded A.O. Neville led a campaign to incarcerate him. But he was much loved by the aboriginals that worked for him. This biography is mainly from the DIA and police files that have survived against all odds, together with old newspaper accounts and reminiscences of old timers. Part of Brumby’s reputation derives from the iniquitous K.S. Prichard who cast him as the lead character in Coonardoo and Brumby Innes. In both these agitprop outbursts attacking Brumby she carefully avoided her powerful family friends who were infamous for their predatory and abusive behaviour towards the local aboriginals. Guaranteed to raise a cackle and a gasp.