Cannibals, Constables, and Courts. Pilbara-Murchison 1887-1896

by Peter J. Bridge.

ISBN 978-0-85905-865-0, (New, 2021), A4, 70 pages, indexed, 220 grams, $30.00*

An in-depth look into an oft debated subject using a wide range of publicly available records held by the State Library of Western Australia. Compiled predominantly over the space of a number of weekends by a dedicated researcher together with uncondoned introductory remarks penned solely by the manager of the publishing company. The two have deliberately chosen to refrain from commenting on the accuracy or otherwise of the information presented, particularly with regard to the statements obtained by the accused as well as the witnesses in each of the three events detailed, leaving the reader to judge for him or herself as to whether any one of the these incidents actually transpired, and the reasons as to why. 

The underlying aim in producing a study of this nature was not in any way intended to re-ignite any form of debate with respect to such a controversial subject but rather to demonstrate how one could and should be prepared to explore as wide a number of resources as possible to paint an untarnished image in order to unravel the mysteries of our little known and much neglected past as distinct from a reliance on too fewer sources in order to produce a skewed account of history for politically correct motives and academic leaning. 

Both the compiler and the publisher trust that that the reader will not in any way be offended by the nature of the verbatum transcripts or our choice of subject, inspired in part by a number of entries within in the official and private diaries of Sergeant H. C. Ord, who was privy to one of the incidents described, but instead be inspired to follow the journey we have embarked upon in like manner and with similar dedication.