C.C. Hunt's 1864 Koolyanobbing Expedition

by Kim Epton

ISBN 0 9586539 0 9, (1995), Soft Cover, A5 spiral wire bound, 44pp, 110grams

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Charles Cooke Hunt was one of Western Australia's greatest explorers.  However, he died young and his exploits were never fully acclaimed.  Hunt's trip from York to the Koolyanobbing area and return is his 'forgotten expedition'.  Nearly all published information on Hunt erroneously claim that he made 'three expeditions to the eastwards', neglecting this one, his first of four.

This work provides never-before-published biographical information on Hunt.  Short biographies of each of his four fellow explorers, R.D. Hardey, Edward Robinson, Cowitch and Tommy Windich, are also included.

Hunt recorded details of his expedition from York to the Koolyanobbing area and return in his Field Book No. 2.  An exact transcription of this Field Book is included.  Importantly, a "translation"  to modern maps, including modern-day rendering of place names and features, allows today's explorers and adventurers to follow Hunt's tracks.

This book is the first in a series on the expeditions and life of C.C. Hunt, sailor, explorer and surveyor.