the_dempstersThe Dempsters.

Rica Erickson.

ISBN 978-1-875778-07-2, 334 pages, 160 x 340, illustrated, French flap cover, indexed, 770 grams, $70.00*

The great pioneering family. The Dempster interests ranged from shipping and coastal trading to merchandising, from whaling to farming, from fishing to horse-breeding, from sandalwooding to pearling. They explored some of the harshest regions in the state, and successfully established a pastoral station in one of the most isolated districts. They organised searches for gold and promoted new farming methods. They were leaders in community and civic affairs and were active in politics. They built historic homesteads and founded families that carried on with the same zest for life and sturdy self-reliance that was the hallmark of their ancestors.

A small run of a long out of print book.