The 2023 Premiers Book Awards short list is out. It would be better termed a shit list.

Recently we asked the ministerial maggot for consideration of a grant from the Arts Department for a large and important book on the use of pearl shell by Aboriginals. A month later came the short reply that they do not consider non-fiction books. (We expected & knew this but having it on record is useful…).

Interestingly they are so addled that they failed to see that this book could have fitted their Aboriginal cultural promotions. But knife, nose, face. 

In their desperation to impose their Wokeshevic communist agenda, when the local subsidised presses failed to produce anything worth boasting about, they cut out any consideration of non-fiction books in case some literate judge with an independent streak decided that a Hesperian book might be considered.

The poor showing made them open the WA ‘awards’ – propaganda bribes – to t’othersiders.

Even that has failed to produce anything worthwhile.  The lists plainly show the cultural bankruptcy of the left loonies in the West, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile…. Back in the Land of Light the presses at Hesperian are churning out high quality cultural and historical works as fast as our small and dedicated team and authors can research, write, and print (and pay for).

Readers and patriots. You have supported Hesperian for many decades. We could not have kept going without you. We are totally on the outer for state and federal grants as we will not produce porn of any stripe. But we have survived and shortly our thousandth book will be out.

Now just imagine if we had a true Australian leadership with the traitor class permanently rotting in one of their high security ‘covid’ camps that they built for us. What wonderful things could be done. It is not the money but the spirit. But sadly our Western Christian Civilisation, based on Truth and Beauty, has been subverted by the imported termites, and we are well on the way to a bolshevic dictatorship decaying in the corruption that only such alien haters could devise.

Just look at the features of the unlovely and you will know who are the perpetrators and their minions.

And remember their revolutionary rhetoric.

“The issue is never the issue.

The issue is always the Revolution.”

And my axiom, “the more bullshit there is, the more it is bullshit.”

Bullshit will rot your socks and you can’t enter the house with it on your shoes.

Get rid of it.