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pompeys_story_cvrPompey's Story

A Man for His Time

By Nerina Coopes

ISBN 978-0-85905-611-3, (New, 2015), A4, 126 pages, illustrated, 380 grams

$35.00* + POST

'Pompey' Gull was a master pearler from his youth. His independent life led to the 10th Light Horse and the Imperial Camel Corps in WWI, fighting with such as Lawrence and at Damascus in the Great Ride where he earned the Military Cross for clearing machine gun nests. Postwar he helped quell Egyptian rioting and in 1920 was instrumental in controlling the hordes of Japanese and Koepanger race riots at Broome. A great story of a type of Australian now rarely seen.

poona_coverPoona W.A. and the seekers of its emeralds

by Alex Palmer

ISBN 978-0-85905-465-2, (2010 RN), 146pp, illust, Soft Cover, 200grams

$26.00 + POST

Ever since the discovery of emeralds in 1912 by Harry Ryan, Poona and its emeralds has exercised the imagination of prospectors, miners, and collectors. The brilliant green emeralds in the black green biotite schist have fascinated everyone from princes to prospectors

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Port Hedland to Carnarvon by Buckboard 

by Daisy Bates.

ISBN 978-0-85905-722-6, (R, 2018), A5, $10.00*


The life of William Carr Boyd. Explorer, Prospector, and Raconteur.

By Peter J Bridge, Ian Elliot, Ian Murray, and Gail Dreezens.

ISBN 978-0-85905-854-4, (2021), A4, french flaps, illustrated, 453 pages, 1.3kg, $80.00*

A documentary biography and history of one of Australia’s most interesting and amusing explorers and bushmen (1852-1925).

Published jointly with the Laverton Shire and under the aegis of the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project as an ancillary volume. Laverton Great Beyond shop. HP for mail order.

price_of_a_pearlThe Price of a Pearl

by Rod Dickson

ISBN 085905 297 4, (2002 new), Soft Cover, section sewn, illustrated, 204 pages, 270grams

$30.00 + POST

Incidents of pearling life, shipwrecks and murders in the North West of Western Australia, never before told.

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prisoners_past_cvrPrisoners of the Past

Compiled by Calliope Bridge, Celene Bridge, Angela Teague, Mark Chambers & Tom Hogarth

ISBN978-0-85905-657-1, (New, 2017), A4, fully illustrated and indexed, 329 pages, 900 grams

$60.00* + POST

All the mugshots of prisoners released from Fremantle Gaol from 1899 to 1919, over 3850, and fully indexed. A unique picture of the past showing the features of those who had transgressed. Interestingly, non-Europeans, apart from the obligatory Aboriginals, form a far larger proportion of the prisoners than their kind would represent as a percentage of the whole population.

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commonwealth_down_draft_cvrProducer Gas Plants

Hoskins Foundry

ISBN 978-0-85905-664-9, (New, 2017), 55 pages, illustrated, A4, 150 grams

$25.00* + POST

Reprint of ultra-rare catalogue of industrial downdraft gas producers from over a century ago.

prospecting-memoriesProspecting Memories 

of Alan Payne and Mates.

ISBN 978-0-85905-784-4, (New, 2020), A4, illustrated, 87 pages, 410 grams, $35.00* 

The results and adventures of 40 years of detector prospecting statewide.

Available direct from the author: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

prospecting_poultryProspecting Poultry - Land of Forests, Fleas and Flies - Jack Sorenson and his Lost Verse

by Peter J. Bridge with Gail Dreezens

ISBN 0 85905 411 X, (2007 New, e-published 2006, in the Dollypot, Greenhide and Spindrift column Vol.1, Nos. 1-3.), 34 pp, saddle, Soft Cover, A4, 135grams

$20.00* + POST

The habit of chooks to eat bright gold grains led to some interesting incidents on the fields. The development and effect of a catchy doggerel verse that has had wide echoes. A collection to add to our Ghosts of Bayley Street.

pump_coverThe Pump

by Marshall Walker

ISBN 085905 323 7, Softcover, A4, 40pp, illustrated, 130grams

$16.50* + POST

Life on No 7 Pumping Station on the goldfields' pipeline in the early 1950s.

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The Pearl Station on the NW Coast 

by Richmond Thatcher.

ISBN 978-0-85905-707-3, (R, 2018), A5, $10.00*