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bedfordThe Circled Continent

by Randolph Bedford, edited by, and with a foreword by PJ Bridge and C. Holyday, and Gail Dreezens

ISBN 0 85905 410 1

(2007 Reprint 1905), A4, Soft Cover, 72pp, 230grams, $25.00* + POST

Randolph the Reckless, one of Australia’s greatest, but ignored writers, traveled along the Queensland coast to the Torres Strait and Papua in 1905. His brilliant descriptive writing of the places, people and their products is a joy to read and as fresh as it was a century ago. This ‘lost’ item does not appear in any bibliographies.

claude-choules-cover_smallClaude Choules

The Last of the Last

His Autobiography

ISBN 978-0-85905-480-5, (2009, New), Soft Cover, 160 pp, 160 x 240, illustrated, 290 grams

$25.00 +POST

With the approach of Remembrance Day (11 November) 2009, Hesperian Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of the autobiography of Claude Choules. In July 2009 Claude became – as one of three surviving veterans – the only remaining combatant of WW I. He is also the last man in the world who saw active military service in both World Wars.

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climb_when_readyClimb When Ready

by Dave James

ISBN 0 85905 221 4, (1996 new), Soft Cover, 140mm x 215mm, 188pp, illustrated, 240grams

$25.00 + POST

"Climb when ready." These are usually the last words a rock climber hears before he or she steps up onto a sheer rock face.As rock climbing has become a more popular pastime the equipment has become more easily obtainable. But, as little as thirty years ago there were only half a dozen climbers around Perth with the whole of the State's rock areas to themselves. There were little or no rescue facilities, no equipment shops and no clubs. Those pioneering climbers doggedly sought out the rock areas and climbed vertical cliffs with the minimum of ageing equipment. They went about their pastime quietly and few others knew of their exploits.

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close_call_kimberley_cvrClose Calls in the Kimberley

By Mick Driscoll

ISBN 978-0-85905-614-4, (New, 2015), A4, 43 pages, illustrated, 145 grams

$22.00* + POST

The Kimberley adventures of the bushman 'Mineral Mick' Driscoll and his long desert walks. Mick corresponded with HP and now, a decade after his passing the letters and stories are published.

closing_in_on_the_kimberleyClosing in on the Kimberley. 1819-1884.

Exploration of Western Australia’s Kimberley Region and the Adjoining Victoria River District of Northern territory.

Edited by Ned Overton.

ISBN 978-0-85905-950-3, (New, 2022), 165 x 240, casebound, 730 pages, heavily illustrated, with maps. Fully indexed, 2kg, $220.00*

A magnificent volume on the early exploration of the Kimberley and NT Victoria River region. Little known expeditions and explorers. Contains the near complete suite of geologist E.T. Hardman’s sketches and watercolours.  

This volume documents the interplay between 1819–1884 of exploration of the Kimberley region and adjoining Victoria River District. From early on, expeditions established different settlement patterns between Kimberley’s eastern and western halves.

Main categories of exploration included appraisal of pastoral lands, topographical, hydrographical and geological surveys and prospecting for precious metals. All but prospecting generally yielded detailed reports, commonly in diary format, mostly with maps of varying accuracy, some in colour. These records are compiled here.

One noteworthy feature of this first Kimberley volume – from an era predating printed photographs – is a collection of Edward Hardman’s 1883–84 watercolour and pastel sketches, many of them full-page, together with the copied etchings. Another highlight is a full translation of the shorthand diary of John Pentecost, ‘Stumpy’ Durack’s 1882 expedition navigator.

All the precursors of Western Australia’s first gold rush are documented; the rush was about to begin.

coaches_coverCobb & Co. in the Golden West

edited by Gail Dreezens, P J Bridge, Phil Bianchi

ISBN 0 85905 406 3, (2008 New), A4, Soft Cover, 166pp, 470grams

$45.00* + POST

The WA coaching companies covered immense distances in scarcely explored country. Among them was the WA Cobb and Co run by Nicholas and Kidman. This collection of reminiscences, reports, timetables, adverts, etc is heavily illustrated. An essential volume on bush history and transport.


Cobbers of Mine and the Mining Magnate

by The Axeman, Alfred E. Wallace

ISBN 978-0-85905-735-6, (New, 2019), A4, 47 pages, 140 grams, $22.00* + POST

Alfred Wallace died of silicosis in 1924. He was an axeman in the forests and an underground miner on the Murchison. His verse was in demand for local celebrations and the regional newspapers. Few modern poets have had the acclaim of the public that the Axeman had.

His collection was reprinted for many years by the Northam newspaper. Some of his satirical verse such as The Bush Geologist, and The Mining Magnate was still being circulated in mining circles in the 1980s.

Places he versifies, such as Barney Murphy's Bungalow Hotel, and the mines where he worked, were part of my wanderings fifty years ago, and my grandfather was also at Wooroloo sanatorium for TB that he got in France. PJB


Jill McDonald.

ISBN 978-0-85905-904-6, (2021), A4, 32 pages, heavily illustrated, 130 grams, $22.00*

The story of the founding of Cocklebiddy roadhouse on the Nullarbor Plain and the earlier Kimberley station and circus sideshow life.

cold_footed_mob_cvrThe Cold-Footed Mob

A History of the 5th Australian Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company

by Tom Goode

ISBN 978-0-85905-653-3, (New, 2016), A4, 100 pages, illustrated, indexed, 280 grams

$30.00* + POST

One hundred years ago over two hundred and fifty railwaymen from across the state left Australia for the Western Front. Many were over age and some of doubtful fitness but they went because they felt they were needed.

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Cologne-to-the-KimberleyCologne to the Kimberley

Studies of Aboriginal Life in Northwest Australia

by Five German Scholars in the First Half of the 20th Century
Translated by Margaret Pawsey, Edited by Kim Akerman

ISBN 978-0-85905-594-9, (2015, New), 384pp, SC, A4, illustrated, 1.1kg

$70.00*+ POST

Eighteen translated papers by Bischofs, Worms, Petri, Schulz, & Odermann that are

essential for an understanding of Kimberley Aboriginal culture. Contains brief biographies

of the authors.